Jesse Jane: The Girl Next Door

 Blonde hair, explosive body, contagious smile. She’s bursting with joy from every part of her body. She’s the most famous adult actress in the world, Digital Playground Contract-Girl. We have the honor to debut on our pages the one and only, inimitable, very beautiful: Jesse Jane.

Hi Jesse, thanks for accepting my interview. First of all, introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, I’m Jesse Jane with Digital Playground

You are the best pornstar in the world and Digital Playground contract girl. How did you start your unbelievable career?
Digital is a great company to work for: they work hard marketing me, and I work real hard, traveling and meeting my fans


When you received the proposal to shoot your first movie, how long did it took you to accept?
I actually came to them so it took no time.

You have shooted 38 movies and all for Digital Playground. Will you be bound to DP for all your career?
Digital Playground is my home, my family, no one else can have me, besides Playboy TV

The day you’ll stop acting in movies, why will it happen?
The day I leave will be because I decided it is time for me to move on. I’ll be older and focused on other aspects of my life

jesse Would you like to become a director in the future?
Yes and no. I have several ideas, but I’ve been too bust to try to pursue it

You are actress, you host a program on Playboy TV, you perform in various clubs around America, you’re guest in radio and music videos. A busy life: do you find time for you and your family? What do you like to do when you don’t work?
Family is most important to me. I always find time for family. Sometimes not as much as I would like, but that’s why I work so hard: to give my family a great life

Music is the soundtrack of everyone’s life. Which are your favourite music styles?
Rock ‘n’ Roll

Which are the movies that you have shooted which you are tied up?
The Story Of J and I’m not sure on others

Now let’s talk about the biggest blockbuster in the history of hard movies: Pirates!! Did you expected it to be so successful, when you have shooted it?
I never thought it would be as successful as it is. It’s a legacy in the adult industry and Pirates 2 is almost out

As you said, Pirates 2 is coming: will it be more beautiful than the first one? Can you tell us something in advance?
Pirates 2 has more special effects, more action, better sex and new characters. It’s going to blow the first one out of the water

jesse4 When you shoot movies with plot (like Pirates), do you prepare yourself to play your role at best for the acted scenes?
Yes, I have to study the character, so I can become that person. I want to be that person, not myself.

From your debut to today, what have you improved as an actress?
I’ve learned how to become more comfortable and natural as another person. The more you do it, the easier it gets

Are you friend with any actress off stage?
Yes, I’m friend with a few people

Have you ever thought about having some children or do you give priority to your career, for now?
I have a child, he’s my everything and I work hard for him

Among the latest blockbusters by Digital Playground we find Babysitters and Cheerleaders. How was it like to shoot with other DP contract girls?
I love all my Digital girls. They are the best. They are the sexiest and sweetest girls in this business

When you walk along the streets, do fans recognize you and stop for a photo and an autograph?
Yes, all the time. I think that’s crazy

Do you like girls?
I love girls


Who is the most “sexually gifted” guy you have been with in a movie?
I think probably Evan Stone or Danny or Manuel

Has there been some actor with whom you would have wanted that scene to last forever?
I work with all great guys

The best actors have been your partners on stage! Is there someone that’s still missing?
I’m sure there are a few guys I need to still fuck

How long has the longest scene that you’ve shooted lasted?
LOL… Who knows!

You have never shooted anal scenes. Why? Do you practice anal in private life?
Not really, I DP 2 lit candles with Janine, and let Belladonna do it. I just haven’t done it yet. I will eventually

Which NBA team do you support? Favourite player?
Lakers! Go Kobe!

Is there a location in the world that you would like to have as background for a sex scene?
I want to shoot in Puerto Rico

You have an internet site, a myspace, a Yahoo group: do you manage them all alone? Do you like to keep in contact with your fans?
I am on them all the time, trying to update with pictures, videos, or tell my fans where I’m going to be, so they can come see me. Sometimes it gets really hard

Which is the part of your body you prefer?
My lips

Is there a holiday that you always remember with pleasure?

jesse5 Now some flash questions… How tall are you?

Your stats?
34D 23 32

At the beach: bikini, topless, naked?

Heterosexual or bisexual?

First job?

First concert?
Marky Mark

First car?
A yucky one

Favourite food?

Favourite Hollywood Actor/Actress?
Angelina Jolie

How old were you when you watched your first porn?

Favourite position?
Reverse cowgirl

Do you masturbate?
All the time

Your smile is very beautiful and contagious. When I see it, I see the joy of living!! What is the meaning of life for you?
Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment you have, because you don’t know when it will be your last

A special thanks for photos to Digital Playground.
For the help she gave us to make this interview possible, a special thanks to Adella, PR of Digital Playground.
To know more about Jesse Jane, please visit or

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