Cathy Heaven in “The secret of the sheet”

Cathy Heaven il segreto del foglietto We’ve noticed a scene available in streaming on the Pinko website and it looks really promising: its title is “Il segreto del foglietto” (The secret of the sheet) and the actors are Christian Clay and Cathy Heaven. BE! Sexy style, we have contacted Pinko press office and we got an interview with the wonderful Hungarian pornstar; you can read it here below.

There’s a brand new scene out on the Pinko website. Can you describe it for us?
I played the part of a very ambitious secretary who wasn’t afraid of doing everything to get what she wanted – even if she needed to use her sexual power to convince men.
The production was very well organized from the beginning till the end, with travel organizations, wardrobe preparations, etc. This was the first time I worked for this company and I quite liked how smooth everything was. Plus the whole production was a fun time for me, the crew was friendly and the male actors (Ian Scott and Christian) were those who I really enjoy working with… I think this (me having fun on set) was pretty obvious for the crew too
Cathy Heaven Pinko
You have experience with both European and US productions. What’s the main difference? What do you prefer?
Well, the last time I was there it was in 2011 so things might change since. But if I remember well, US productions were usually a lot quicker then european productions, since they needed to pay for locations on hourly basis. They sometimes even had make-up done in their studio and then just drive to the location, get the scene done and leave – real quick.
It was strange too that the make-up artists didn’t stay till the end of the shoot. They prepared the make-up, left some material for me to do the touch-up if needed and they left. Only the bigger companies hired full time make-up artists.
US productions mostly just needed casual wardrobe, jeans & tops or bikinis. I cant remember doing a fetish shoot there (like
Harmony in UK for example).
Cathy Heaven 3 Other than these, shooting in US was similar to shooting in Europe, I found industry people funny there too, male talents were lovely as well, so no difference in that.
I still prefer to work in Europe. 🙂 I’ve only been to the states for a very short period so I know the companies and the actors a lot better here and I feel more at home in Europe.

Have you ever been to Italy?
Yes, I’ve been to Venice, Florence, Rimini (where we shot the production for Pinko) and just recently I’ve spent Easter with my family in Rome.

Cathy Heaven 2 What do you think of Italian men?
I found that Italian men in average are really charming and good-looking. We noticed this during our recent Rome-trip too. Though they can be a bit pushy ☺ and not accepting “no” as an answer… They would try to invite a lady for a drink even if clearly she is with her partner – who just had to leave her alone for a couple of minutes to go to the toilet. 🙂
I shot my very first boy-girl scene with an Italian actor (Denis Marti) who was just so-so lovely and professional, giving me a really good first impression about the whole porn industry 🙂 and there are a couple of Italian actors who I just love working with 😀 (including Christian, who I’ve worked with in this
Pinko-production, Omar Galanti and Rocco, of course)

What’s the best part of being… A PORNSTAR!?
As a porn performer, I’m not stucked in an office from 8am till 5pm or sometimes even longer (as I did before I ventured into the adult industry, so I experienced that side of life as well). I got to travel to beautiful places meet with lovely and friendly people. I really enjoy shoots and have fun (and I mean lots of times even orgasmic fun 🙂 ) and the payment is better too then it was in my office job. So basically you travel, you’re having fun and you’re even getting paid for it 🙂

Cathy Heaven Christian Clay

Thank you! Where can our readers follow you on the web?
As most porn performers, I too use social networking: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under my Cathy Heaven stage name (but Instagram and Twitter are better options because my facebook profile is full, I cannot really accept any more request on there).

Cathy Heaven

We thank Cathy and Pinko for their time, support and for the photos they sent us. Till next!

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