Marina Visconti, from Russia with lust

Our guest today is a Russian pornstar with an Italian stage name: she’s the youngest we’ve ever interviewed and her innocent look can turn into naughty in the blink of an eye. Grey eyes, huge natural tits and a body to die for: she’s a rising hard star and her destiny is to become a top diva. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our interview with Marina Visconti.
Marina Visconti 1
Hello, Marina, welcome on our pages! Your stage name is Italian… the first time I’ve seen it, I thought you were Italian! Why did you choose an Italian name for your porn career?
Hello! My name just came up with an Italian producer.

Have you ever been in Italy?
Yes, for a few days in Rome.

What was your job before becoming an adult actress?
I started working in the adult industry when I was 18, so I didn’t have a big work experience before.

And how did you decide to enter the adult showbiz?
Every Russian pornstar says the same, including me: it’s just happened, it was not in my plans, I had never thought I would work in porn, but I started this business and I like it.

Marina Visconti 2 You look all natural… Are you?
Yes, but I have tattoos

So what’s your opinion on plastic surgery?
I want to do one thing; if you can make yourself better, why not… no matter what.

What is your favorite sex position?
Any position I feel like doing is good

Do you have any “limit” in your acting career? Is there any special type of scene you don’t feel like trying?
I don’t do anything disgusting like pissing or whatever.

Marina Visconti 3 Is there anything (for example lesbo… or anal…) that you do only on stage and not in private life?
Everything I do on camera, I do in my private life, too.

Which are your “turn ons” and “turn offs” in a man, especially during sex?
I like passionate muscle man with a good dick.
I don’t like when an actor is trying to tell me what to do and I don’t like skinny small boys.

You’ve worked both in European productions (especially French) and US productions. Is there any difference behind the scenes, in the attitude?
Yes, that’s really different, of course. There are American and there are European people, they have a different lifestyle, they think different, they imagine porn in a different way and they like different things… so, yeah!

How was shooting with our national pride, Rocco?
Marina Visconti 4 Rocco Siffredi is perfect as an actor and perfect as a director; working with him is hard if you are new, but if you have been in porn for a while, you’ll enjoy it.

How has your life changed after you moved to Los Angeles?
I just lived there for a while, I haven’t moved there, yet.

Is it possible to make friends in the adult industry? Can you mention “friends” among male or female pornstars?
Yes, it’s possible, there are also nice people in the porn!

Do you use internet a lot? Where can our readers follow you?
On Twitter, that’s @viktoria301995.

We thank Marina for her answers and for the pictures she sent us. Readers, we’ll be back soon with an interview with another international star: any suggestions? Tell us who you would like to read!

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