Nina Elle, a MILF to discover

Nina Elle 1 BE! Sexy scored a new international exclusive! After Kendra Lust we’re pleased to host on our pages another overseas star. An explosive mix, half American and half German, she started as a camgirl to later appear on the porn sets of the most prestigious production companies, all the way to become a nominee as 2015 MILF Performer of the Year for XBIZ. It’s time to read our interview with Nina Elle!!!

Ciao Nina, thanks for accepting our interview! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello everyone, my name is Nina Elle. I’ve been an adult performer for about 2 years. I was born in Germany and grew up all over the U.S. and Europe. I currently live by the beach in sunny Los Angeles, California. I have 150+ titles and I’m always working on something new and surprising for my fans.

Nina Elle 2 I’ve read on your bio that your father was in the army, you were born in Germany and you’ve lived in several military bases… that’s quite unique in the porn industry! Has growing up in such a strict environment increased your desire of transgression?
The environment I grew up in was not particularly strict, it was more caring and understanding. This allowed me to have a more determined and open mind and develop into who I am today.

You started as a camgirl… What took you to the hardcore scene?
I have always been interested in the fabulous life of a pornstar. I wanted that life and the response I got during my time caming really gave me the confidence and drive to go all the way.

Do you remember your first hard scene ever? What were your feelings? Any anecdote about it?
Nina Elle 3 My very first scene was not easy. It was a gym setting and they had me do about 1 hour worth of various exercises for the video. I was completely tired before the scene and I had to dig in deep to complete it. I worked with Keiran Lee and he and the crew were so helpful they made me less nervous.

If you could write your own scene, what would be the theme?
I like tattoos, so I would center the theme around a tattoo shop and create a story that fits and complete it with a steamy hardcore sex scene.

Talking about tattoos… You’ve got several of them, are you planning new ones? Maybe you’re aiming to match Bonnie Rotten? 🙂
I love tattoos and if I could, I would love to match Bonnie. Unfortunately, I want to be eligible for various roles and I don’t want to be in one category; so for now I won’t be getting any more.
Nina Elle 4
How much is sex important in your private life?
Sex in my private life is important, but with the volume of work available to me right now, I just don’t have the energy for much more.

We’ve also seen you in girl/girl scenes. Are you bisexual?
I considered myself straight until I started porn. I didn’t have much experience with women and porn helped me enjoy girl/girl… so I would say I am bisexual.

What do you consider the hardest part of your job?
The hardest part of my job is all the travel and the time away from home. I have many back to back shoots where I’ll leave home early and come back late. It gets a little tiring.

Periodically there’s a discussion on the use of condoms on set… Are you for or against it? What’s your preference?
Nina Elle 5 I like the idea of condoms on set for health and safety, but I know that it is an issue for production. I support the industry and whatever is best for it.

What are your hobbies?
I love to stay fit, travel to exciting new places, ride horses, hike and eat good food.

Have you ever had an Italian boyfriend or partner?
No, I have never had an Italian boyfriend or partner… Sorry.

Bikini, topless, or nudist beach?
Nudist beach!

Thanks for your time! Where can your fans follow you? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?
Twitter: @NinaEllexxx
Instagram: @NinaEllexxx

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We thank Star Factory PR for their support. Feel free to leave a message for Nina or to suggest another star for our next interview!

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