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Kendra Lust Topless in Fishnets BE! SEXY wears stars and stripes. Our guest is a top MILF performer, she’s a woman who can take your breath away; she has won everything she could win; she’s showing her sexy side and her sex appeal both when she’s wearing high heels or a pair of Jordans. It’s a honor to present our exclusive interview with: Kendra Lust!

Hi Kendra, welcome on our pages. Do you remember your first hard scene ever? What were your feelings?
Thank you and yes, I do! I shot with Kink and it was so intimidating! I worked with Isis Love, a beautiful and well-known dominatrix, and I was hooked up to a fucking machine, and all of these crazy things were being done to me! It was exciting, intimidating, and mind-blowing all at once!

Pornstars are like teenage dreams: ageless in your mind. But do you remember the first time one of your scene was labeled “MILF”? Did it make you think?
I started in this industry labeled a MILF and I kind of embraced it. I don’t consider myself a true MILF or what I would think of as a MILF, but in the industry… if the shoe fits I am gonna wear it and wear it well!

Kendra Lust You’ve been appointed “Hottest MILF 2013” by Bangbros fans and this category is getting more and more popular… Which is the reason, in your opinion? Why are even younger guys so interested in MILFs?
I was very excited and flattered to win this! I think younger guys like a confident woman who isn’t afraid of telling a man what she wants, and guys appreciate it since it takes the guessing out of the equation.

What is an example of plot for a porn scene that REALLY turns you on?
I am very much into the foreplay and tease when it comes to sex. I really like to entice with hot sexy lingerie and sexual movements, so a sexy strip tease at a strip club turned porn would be super hot!!! I am a feature dancer onstage and just so happen to get nasty with a special customer at the end of the night… mmmmmm hot!

Do you consider yourself a MILF also in private life?
Not really! I like to wear my Jordan’s and dress sporty sometimes, love sports, and I don’t think my mind is there even if I am labeled that for now!
Kendra Lust
Why haven’t you ever filmed an anal scene?
Not yet… stay tuned.

You’re very active on Twitter. What’s your relationship with your followers?
I love my #LustArmy! The fans are so amazing to connect with and tweet with! I appreciate all of my fans and their support!

Have you made all your fantasies become true on a set, or are you still keeping “private” some of them?
I have had a few come true on set, however there is still quite a bit in store for this hot lil mamma… ha ha!

We’ve also seen you in girl/girl scenes. Are you bisexual? If yes, have you discovered it thanks to this job?
Kendra Lust ass I love women even though I have not had a lot of girl/girl sexual encounters outside of the business. I am bi-furious, meaning I am furiously in love with women! LOL!

What do you consider the hardest part of your job?
The traveling. I live in Michigan so I am traveling quite a bit.

How much is sex important in your private life?
Very important! I have always been a sexual being with intense sexual energy, so it is just part of who I am.

Bikini, topless, or nudist beach?
Topless… it shows a little, but leaves a little for the imagination.

Which are your hobbies?
Kendra Lust Fishnets I love playing and watching basketball, watching football, hanging out with family and friends, boating, dancing, reading, charity work, and working out.

Cliché-test: if I tell you “Italian men”, what comes to your mind?
Dark hair, sweet-talking, good smelling, handsome, and romantic men!!!!

Thanks for your time. What’s next for Kendra Lust? Can you remind us the links to be always updated on your career?
Something exciting this year… stay tuned!
Twitter: @Kendralust
Facebook: RealKendraLust
Bookings: through OC Modeling.

Thank you so much! Ciao! xoxoxoxo

Kendra Lust naked

We thank Becka Mac @Star Factory PR for her support in this interview.

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